"Love is the Cure"

I'm so glad you stopped by! I'm Tina Beckett, and I write for
Harlequin Medical Romance.

Why write romances revolving around the medical field, you
might ask? For me, the decision was easy. During my college
years, I had my heart set on becoming a nurse. Working around
all those doctors seemed so romantic (I was young...oh so
young). As I looked at the lineup of classes I'd have to take, I
soon realized it was much more fun to inhabit the fictional world
of doctors and nurses than to have to...um, study. So my nursing
career ended before I took a single class.

Medicine still fascinates me, though. If you peek at my
overflowing bookshelves, you'll find medical thrillers, forensic
mysteries and, of course, Harlequin Medical Romance all
competing for my reading time. Now I have the best of both
worlds! I get to write the kinds of books that I love to read!
What's New:

May 2015
  • I have a new book out with a cover that I adore! Caught
    Beneath the Mistletoe finaled in the Golden Heart and
    holds a special place in my heart. I love these two
April 2015
  • A new continuity is coming your way! A group of midwives
    from Australia. I can't wait to see the covers!
  • I work at an equine therapy stable, helping children with
    challenges. Interested? Check out His Girl from
    Nowhere which features a hippotherapist (equine
    therapy) heroine. It's  on my bookshelf.
  • Do you love snow and all things icy and wintery? I have a
    duet out with the fabulous writer Amalie Berlin that
    features a ski resort, a crazy New Year's resolution
    between best friends, and some pretty hunky heroes.
April 2014
  • I'm kicking off a new series this month set in Hart's Cove,
    Wyoming. Check out the Hart's Cove page for more
    details. I'm super excited about the characters inhabiting
    my fictional town.
March 2014
  • Happy Spring, everyone!
  • My Brazilian Brothers Duet is out now!
  • I'm working hard on my next book. Another duet, but I've
    moved from the balmy beaches of Sao Paulo to the icy
    slopes of Colorado. That's right, my next book will be set
    at a ski resort.
January 2014
  • Happy New Year, everyone! Hope 2014 brings you much
    happiness and success! I love new starts. So much so
    that the book I'm currently writing is about News Year's
    resolutions. Check in periodically to see how my heroine
    fares as she tries to keep her resolutions!
  • Her Hard to Resist Husband appears on the USA Today
  • The covers for my March medical duet are just as
    gorgeous as my current one. Get a sneak peek at them
November 2013
  • The covers for Medical Romance have been revamped.
    Take a look at the gorgeous cover for my January 2014
    book: Her Hard to Resist Husband.
August 2013
  • Going to visit the Greek Isles this month! Very excited
    about doing some research.
  • Revisions from The Dangers of Dating Dr. Carvalho
    have been accepted by my editor! Yay. On to my next book
    which features an equine therapist.
July 2013
  • We have a name: The Lone Wolf's Craving. The second
    book in a medical duo--starring two military buddies--is
    getting ready for release in September. The North
    American cover has just come out. My hero has the
    perfect amount of "brood." He's just as I pictured him,
    when I was writing the book.
  • It's raining names! My January 2014 release will be
    called Her Hard to Resist Husband.
  • Oh! And my Brazilian Brothers duet just received names
    as well. Book one (Marcos's story) will be called To Play
    with Fire. I'm still wrestling with revisions for Book two
    (Lucas's story), but it will be called The Dangers of
    Dating Dr. Carvalho.
  • Happy fourth of July to my fellow Americans!
May 2013
  • Flirting with Danger, my motorcycle-riding doctor book
    was released this month. Hard to believe this was my
    sixth published book! And it hit the #1 spot on Amazon
    for medical romances and stayed there for over a week.
April 2013
  • In His Sights came out in paperback format.
  • I finished writing the first of my Brazilian brothers books!
    Off to start the second in the series.
March 2013
  • My motorcycle-riding doctor (hero of my latest book) has a
    cover, and I'm in love with it. Check it out on my bookshelf
  • I'm about halfway done with the first of my Brazilian
    brothers books. I love seeing these characters come to
    life on the page!
January 2013
  • Check out my NYC Angels page to learn about a brand
    new 8-book Medical series!
  • And I've been asked to write my very own medical duet
    this year, featuring Brazilian brothers. Can't wait to start.
  • The New Year is off to a great start. Hope yours is looking
    fabulous as well!
November 2012
  • My latest book, the Medical Duet featuring the military
    hero, was accepted by my editor with NO revisions! So
    happy she liked it. I hope to share the title with you soon!
  • National Novel writing month has come to an end, and I
    got my 50,000 words in!
October 2012
  • In His Sights is listed as a recommended read on USA
    Today's Happy Ever After column
  • I've been asked to write the second book of a Medical
    Duet featuring two military heroes. It's a challenge, but I'm
    loving every minute of it!
August 2012
  • My first romantic suspense book, In His Sights, is
    released by Carina Press.
  • I participated in a continuity for Harlequin Medicals. Eight
    authors wrote eight different stories all set within a
    children's hospital in New York City. I had such fun
    mulling over storylines with the other authors. My book in
    the series, NYC Angels: Flirting with Danger, will be
    released in 2013. I can honestly say this was the most
    emotionally wrenching book I've ever written.
July 2012
  • RWA's National Convention was fabulous. I danced the
    night away at the my first Harlequin Party and had coffee
    with the editor who bought my first book. It was an
    amazing experience. Everything felt "real" for the first time.
June 2012
  • Doctor's Mile-High Fling is released!
May 2012
  • One Night that Changed Everything, my newest
    Harlequin Medical, was accepted by my editor and will be
    released this coming December!
  • Got a sneak peek of the cover for my single title romantic
    Suspense, In His Sights, and boy do I love it! The hero
    and heroine are just as I imagined them. Carina Press
    did a great job of incorporating the hero's profession
    (military sniper) as well as the special gift he buys for the
    heroine. Can't wait to share it with you!
  • This month marks one year since I received The Call
    that changed my life. I have 5 books being released this
    year and a deadline for two more. I feel so very blessed!
April 2012
  • Received the story bible for the Medical continuity I've
    been asked to participate in. The stories are all set in a
    New York City children's hospital. My book will be number
    five in the series, and I'm excited about the storyline. It's
    going to be a challenge!  But first, I want to finish my
    current book and hand it in.
  • I also finished my line edits for the romantic suspense I
    sold to Carina. Can't wait to see my cover and hear what
    the official title will be.
February 2012
  • This year is hopping! Besides my three-book contract
    with Harlequin Medicals and my contract with Carina, I've
    been asked to participate in a Harlequin Medical
    Continuity (linked books, each of which is written by a
    different author). Whew! This is more than I ever dreamed
  • My latest Harlequin Medical, The Man who Wouldn't
    Marry, has made it through revisions and is set to be
    released in October 2012.
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Tina Beckett
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January 2012
  • Happy New Year, everyone! I hope it proves to be a
    fabulous year.
  • January marks the release of my debut novel,
    Doctor's Guide to Dating in the Jungle! And the
    author's copies of my book arrived in the mail. So cool
    to actually hold it in my hands!
  • And more good news: Carina Press has offered
    publish The Surrogate, which was a finalist in the
    2009 and 2010 Golden Heart® contest, and has won
    a couple of other awards. The book is a Romantic
    Suspense novel and very different from my Harlequin
    Medicals. I love both genres and feel so very fortunate
    to be able to write both.
November 2011
  • National Novel Writing Month strikes again! Yep, I'm
    deep in the trenches again this year, slipping and
    sliding my way through my latest book.
  • Speaking of which...my publisher wants three more
    books from me! I have a shiny new contract, which
    means I have my work cut out for me in 2012!
  • Alaska Skies has a new title: Doctor's Mile-High
    Fling. Can you guess what my hero's profession is,
    and where the book is set?
October 2011
  • Doctor's Guide to Dating in the Jungle appears as an
    upcoming book on Harlequin.com. and also on
    Amazon UK.
  • Harlequin Medical Romance bought Alaska Skies!,
    It'll soon have a shiny new title and will come out in
    June 2012.
September 2011
  • Finished writing Alaska Skies and have received my
    revisions. Busy times!
August 2011
  • Sent one of my romantic suspense books out to a few
    Single Title publishers.
July 2011
  • Busy writing my next Harlequin Medical Romance
June 2011  
  • I'm on Twitter under the name Tina_Beckett!
May 2011
  • The Call! Harlequin Medical Romances purchased  
    Doctor's Guide to Dating in the Jungle as part of a
    two-book deal!